About us


Kreativlab is a dynamic team of experts in different marketing fields, event organization, public relations and design. We accept every challenge from our clients and conquer it with great responsibility. Each and every project is a story of its own. We are very pleased each time our ideas come to life! Each time we write a new story. A successful story. A story never to be forgotten.


The first step towards a successful project is a basic creative idea and a rough screenplay, which is carried out based on our clients’ ideas and expectations. The concept, script, scenery, and other technical elements of the project, are adapted according to the budget intended for the project's implementation. At the same time we also suggest other options, which would help the project to have an even bigger impact.


It is easier with us, because:


  • Our long-standing experience and knowledge of communication tools enable us to do what we do best,
  • we connect the entire network of marketing and communication tools in a reasonable way and create stories,
  • we take over the entire planning and implementation of various projects with the intent to relieve the client of his concerns,
  • our clients are represented in an innovative, creative and effective way,
  • we constantly improve our knowledge,
  • we enjoy doing what we do best! We write stories.


Contac us on info@kreativlab.si or +386 (51) 061 666 800